Wheel-A-Bration Celebrates Riverside’s Green Successes and Environmental Activism

Building on the efforts that led to Riverside’s Emerald City designation,  all residents are invited to take part in the Emerald City Wheel-A-Bration on the morning of Saturday, September 24. 

The Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside (UUCR) has a ten-year plus history of environmental sustainability activism within the church and in the City of Riverside, CA working with other religious, educational, environmental and civic groups and the City’s Green Action Plan for Sustainable Riverside.  The Church participated in 350.org’s 10-10-10 world-wide event last year on October tenth, which was  a huge success. To build on Riverside’s growing enthusiasm for environmental activism, the Universalist Unitarian Church is inviting Riverside citizens to be involved with  Moving Planet’s “A Day Without Fossil Fuels” worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis by participating in the Emerald City Wheel-A-Bration.

Come on foot, scooter, stroller, bicycle, wheel-chair, skateboard or any other non-fossil-fueled, wheeled conveyance. Participants are encouraged to start with a group (club, church, business, etc.) or by yourself  from some point within easy walking distance (perhaps one or two miles from City Hall) at about 9 a.m. to  walk or roll to City Hall, arriving there at about 11 a.m.  At that time city representatives will present some of the planned and ongoing sustainable initiatives happening in Riverside that are creating a positive influence on climate change/global warming.  Green NGOs and local green businesses (like Community Supported Agriculture, PV solar providers) may also attend the event to share information about their initiatives.

In February 2009, Riverside was selected as California’s first Emerald City by the State Department Of Conservation for the City’s work on sustainability issues relating to energy, water, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, urban design, urban nature and transportation. The City is continually working to build upon this designation and grow in its sustainable practices.

The Wheel-A-Bration is the work of Riverside’s engaged and connected community of faith in an effort to coordinate a citywide collaboration focused on past and future green successes and provide insight into the next steps for environmental activism within the City of Riverside.

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